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Judo 柔道
« on: July 24, 2015, 05:51:03 pm »
The founder of Judo is Jigoro Kano who created this style in 1882 as an effective development of the body and mind and also to preserve one's health, longevity and self-control.

Judo's characteristics are differ from many modern Japanese arts as kicks and punches are rarely if at all used and most of the techniques are geared towards to takedowns, throws, locking and submission techniques. The rare kicks and punches are also not allowed during competitions.

The development of Judo roots in the history of the founder who was on a quest to learn Jiu-Jitsu which by his times has started to die down due to Japan's modernization and the wider introduction of firearms which many felt made the hand to hand combats ineffective and old fashioned. With the decreasing popularity of the hand to hand combative arts Kano had hard time to find any instructor. Upon finding a school - which consisted five students at the time - Kano began studying and later became the most able to continue the teachings. Kano decided to yet further his learning and joined another school where he remained another year. In February 1882 he established his first school at a Buddhist temple.

Judo is characterized by three main group of techniques: throwing, grappling and striking. It is mainly characterized by the first two, throwing and grappling and striking is rarely used. Judo practitioners also practice forms - kata - which are almost two men forms, in other words practiced with a partner. A practitioner of Judo is called a 'Judoka'.

Some other variations of it also exists such as the Russian 'Sambo' which became popular in Russia and around the world and became almost a national sport in the founders' country.

Judo is considered as a modern martial arts and today it is also an important competitive sport at the Olympics.

Images below show early Judo training. Note some female practitioners.
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