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« on: December 23, 2015, 07:59:45 pm »
Herbs have been used all around the world in just about any ancient cultures as the main treatment methods and herbal treatments are still very much alive today.

Traditional Chinese medicinal herbs are used differently as the traditional western herbs. In China herbs are combined into strong formulas that are a lot more effective as single herbs which where mainly used in the West. Chinese herbal formulas generally contain five to fifteen herbs and they can easily have more added for additional treatment. Although there are patented formulas most formulas are created for the individual and also modified as healing progresses.

Traditional Chinese herbal formulas also differ from their western counterparts because they are used according to their energy properties rather than their chemical effects. Chinese herbology follows the traditional healing principles of treatments and herbologists monitor the patients energy flows instead of the chemical healing effects. The energy meridian (or channel) system is the same as of acupuncture and these are used for both diagnosis as well as for treatments. Herbs are not only used for healing but as for prevention of diseases. They are cooked in food as part of meals or also consumed in teas daily.

Herbs have no or very little side effects making them a favorite method as alternate to conventional drugs.