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Good news for small studios and individuals - especially beginners or those with low budgets: we have setup some pages where you can display your work or get a presents on the internet for a low cost. Many small studio's, independent filmmakers and individuals working in the film industry will never get a chance to display their work or bee seen due to high targeted advertising costs or large studios not intereted in their work. We would like to help and created the following pages for these people and small businesses. Here we give beginners and individuals or people with low budgets a chance to be seen or display their work. Please contact Admin if you are interested in advertising on any of these pages, or if you're a visitor please view each persons work and contact them if you're interested working with them.
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18 Mar - 1 Apr 2019
Hong Kong, China

Join us on the 43rd Hong Kong International Film Festival, the largest cultural event in Hong Kong


  • Venom kept climing to high levels on the all-time box office list in China
  • Aquaman becomes the biggest DC superhero film of all time in China
  • Checkered Ninja has set a new record for Danish film's opening at local box office
  • Disney finalizing aquisition of 21st Century Fox


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