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It has become Sony’s biggest debut in China and the second biggest debut for a superhero film, only after Avengers 3 also matching the lifetime total of Dr Strange and X-Men: Days Of Future Past. with $108.9m from its first three days, which represented over 70% of the week’s total box office in China and 37% bigger than its North American. Venom now takes 16th place on the all-time top box office hits in China.

Aquaman: a success

Aquaman surpasses Justice League in China becoming the biggest DC superhero film in China, taking 70% of the weeks total box office just in its second week after its opening. It also made it to the 5th biggest foreign film and the 13th overall in 2018. The sources came from Warner Bros. when they announced their box office reporst at the end of the year.

Checkered Ninja at Danish box office

Checkered Ninja has set a new record for a Danish film’s opening week at local box office, selling 345, 947 tickets in its first eight days of release, it also had the best four-day opening for a Danish movie ever with 222,760 tickets, surpassing last year’s record-setter 'The Purity of Vengeance'

Disney closing deal on Fox

Disney Studios has been working on aquiring some of the Fox entertainment line up - including 20th Centry Fox, the FX Networks and National Geographic Partners. After a long battle for the aquisition between Disney, Comcast, Sony and Verizon and Fox the deal finally came to a solution when Disney submitted it's bid of $71.3 billion ending the battle of the giants and finalizing the deal at the beginning of 2019


18 Mar - 1 Apr 2019
Hong Kong, China

Join us on the 43rd Hong Kong International Film Festival, the largest cultural event in Hong Kong


  • Venom kept climing to high levels on the all-time box office list in China
  • Aquaman becomes the biggest DC superhero film of all time in China
  • Checkered Ninja has set a new record for Danish film’s opening at local box office
  • Disney finalizing aquisition of 21st Century Fox


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